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 Using our inside resources, we specialize in providing quality  insurance at the lowest rates possible. 

We offer auto, health, life, home & commercial business insurance within the St. Charles, St. Peters, O’Fallon & St. Louis Areas.

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Insurance shopping done all for you!

Welcome to GlobalGreen Insurance -- your local, independent St. Charles County, MO expert resource for finding auto, home, health and life or commercial insurance that's perfect for you.  Just like a good coach directs a sports team toward productive options, we guide you through insurance choices that match your needs and policies that make the most sense.  We know finding the best insurance plans can be time-consuming and a bit overwhelming.  Let our professionals simplify the process for you, all in just one phone call.

GlobalGreen will quickly assess your needs and budget range to focus on the best possible coverage from among the 30-plus excellent and affordable plans we offer from top-ranked health insurance companies.  We provide the best-fit healthcare insurance options available for residents of St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties, especially in O'Fallon, St. Peters, St. Charles, Lake Saint Louis, and Wentzville.

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About Us:
Through one phone call, you benefit from our access to the impressive variety of insurance choices offered by GlobalGreen Insurance.  We are a local, independent insurance agency that serves St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln, Missouri communities.  What sets us apart is our unique ability to quickly analyze and "shop" the plans of more than 30 insurance companies to spot and recommend the best option for our customers.

Our St. Charles-based staff of Licensed Benefit Consultants will save you time, money, and peace of mind during the evaluation process.  Our reputation for providing customer choices at better prices makes us a widely referred insurance partner in the area. 

By representing so many rival insurance companies, we access the best options, which means you always get the best of our knowledge, tools and services. Sometimes, we can double your insurance coverage for the same price you were paying!.

Our office is led by the partnership of Joe Azar and Tim Kirt. 

As a second-generation insurance agent, Joe grew up in the insurance business.  He likes to put his 15-plus years of industry and University of Missouri-Columbia business degree knowledge to work every day to develop solutions that satisfy customers.  He also likes to borrow the laser-like strategic elements of his favorite hobby, pool, to apply to insurance plans.

Tim's focus on controlling costs and caring about what truly helps families keeps him assisting customers from the perspective of "doing what I would want someone in the insurance business to do for me."  He knows everyone is trying to balance work and life issues, so he likes to provide quotes and plans that keep costs at a minimum without sacrificing quality results.
For human resource professionals and business owners, let GlobalGreen's Group Health Benefit Specialist focus solely on your needs.

Give GlobalGreen a call so you can relax while we shop for you.  It's the best call you will make today!

"Insurance shopping done all for you!"

Your Local St. Charles, MO Insurance Broker
Get your customized proposal package with the industry's most competitive rate quotes from a variety of quality companies by contacting us today. We'll help you choose from different plan designs and deductible options from multiple health insurance companies.

Is saving $1,000 to $1,300 on your insurance coverage worth a call to us?  It's one more reason GlobalGreen is your "go to" insurance source.

Insurance Affiliates include

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Met Life
United Health
Blue Cross